Haunted Tours

The Nightmare Bus Tour

Final 2 Friday & Saturday Nights in October

Visit the Darker Corners of Zelienople & Harmony. Be very afraid ….or not.

Zelienople and Harmony are rich in their history and culture; beautiful boroughs that symbolize life in Main Street, USA.  But like many picture postcard towns, if you scratch the surface, the seedy underbelly can be exposed.  And these are the places we’ll be visiting, and the tales that we’ll be sharing….on the Nightmare Tour

So speaks the words of the mysterious and enigmatic Tour Guide as he prepares to take you for a journey to some of the reported haunted ‘hot spots’ between the two historic boroughs.

The 45 minute tour on board an antique motor coach by Antique Coach Excursions may have you feeling cozy and comfortable to start.  But as the bus makes its way through darkened cemeteries and narrow roadways, you’ll hear supernatural accounts of local hauntings, perhaps with a few surprises along the way.

The Nightmare Tour is considered to be a family-friendly Halloween attraction.  But like many such attractions, it’s appropriateness is based on a child’s personal disposition.  If you have questions, feel free to call The Strand Box Office at 724.742.0400.

Reservations are available via phone or online, and are encouraged for groups of 10 or more.